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We offer a clear, understandable path to building your website. Here’s our five-step process.


  1. Consult
    You will speak with the designer assigned to your account and explain your business. Once you have described the goals of your website, you will send your designer your company's logos and any marketing materials that you would like to include.
  2. Design
    After our designer has received the materials that you have supplied to use in your site, the first draft of your site will be created to reflect the look and feel that was agreed upon in the consultation.
  3. Review/Revise
    Once the first draft of your site is completed, your designer will contact you and set up a time to review your site-in-progress. After hearing your comments about the first look at your new site, the changes discussed in your review will be incorporated into what is usually the final draft.
  4. Approve/Launch
    You will review the final draft of your site and make any adjustments that are necessary before approving your site for launch. Once your approval has been received, your site will be published to the World Wide Web and your business will have an online home.
  5. Maintain
    Even after your site has been launched, you will undoubtedly need to update it to keep it up to date with your business. You can purchase a maintenance package to be sure that only trained professionals will modify your site.
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